Top Skills Learned In Locksmith Training Programs

Whether you’re looking to start a new career or simply want to learn a new skill, locksmith training programs can provide you with a wealth of knowledge. From picking locks to creating keys, there is a lot to learn in these programs. Here are some of the top skills you’ll gain from participating in a locksmith training program.

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How To Pick A Lock

Picking a lock is an art form that requires patience, focus, and attention to detail. To master this skill, start with a tension wrench and pick of your choice. It’s important to understand how the pin tumbler works in locks so you can visualize it mentally as you go. Then gently insert the tension wrench into the bottom of the keyhole and apply slight pressure in the direction of the lock’s opening mechanism. Finally use your pick to apply pressure to the pins one at a time until all have been moved out of the way and you hear a click when all pins are aligned. With practice and dedication, you’ll be picking locks like a pro in no time!

How To Make A Duplicate Key

Making a duplicate key can be a relatively straightforward project if you have the right tools and supplies. It involves disassembling the original key, cutting a new key blank to match, transferring any necessary cuts and grooves from the old blank to the new one, and finally reinstalling it in the lock. Depending on the type of lockset you have, special tools may be required for each step of this process.

However, most standard keys used in residential settings can be easily done with a basic set of hardware from any major home improvement store or hardware shop. Investing in these items allows you to make a spare key at home which can save you time and money in the long run.

How To Install A New Lock

Installing a new lock is an easy way to add a layer of physical security to your home or office and keep unwanted visitors out. Taking on the installation yourself is a great way to save time and money, but it’s important to pay attention to the details for best safety results. Start by reviewing instructions that come with the lock, and ensure you have all the necessary tools and supplies before starting the project.

Taking the old lock out first will make sure there are no pieces left behind, then install the new one by correctly lining up its parts and drilling according to specific measurements. Always double-check that all components are fitted properly, otherwise it won’t work as intended. Once everything is ready, you can insert the key for testing so you know it’s good to go!

How To Change The Combination On A Safe

Changing the combination of a safe is simple, provided you know the current combination. First, check for any instructional pamphlets that came with your safe when you purchased it. It will specify which way to rotate the dial and in what order to enter the new combination. If no pamphlet is available, manually rotate the dial several times left and right to clear out any existing codes.

Once that’s complete, turn the dial in a clockwise direction until reaching your first new number. Then rotate counterclockwise until reaching the second number, followed by clockwise again for the third number. Make sure to remember the exact order of your new combination before turning the handle of your safe and testing out if it opens. Changing combinations on a safe need not be overwhelming so long as all steps are taken carefully and cautiously.

How To Repair A Damaged Lock

When you find yourself needing to repair a damaged lock, the best approach is to determine the type of lock you have and what parts need replacing. Depending on the specific cause of the damage, repairs can range from a simple lubrication to a more involved operation, such as replacing components like springs and pins. A skilled locksmith should be able to assess and discuss the repairs that may be necessary to get your damaged lock operating properly again. Understanding what kind of repair needs to take place before trying it yourself or calling an expert will help ensure fast, effective service with long-lasting results.

What To Do If You Get Locked Out Of Your House Or Car

Getting locked out of your house or car can be an inconvenience. It’s important to remain calm and have a game plan in place. In the case of a house lockout, you can use a spare key or call a locksmith for assistance. If you were locked out of your car, consider whether there is another key hiding inside your glove box or trunk that you may have forgotten about. As a last resort, you will want to contact roadside service for help. While these tips may not guarantee that you’ll get back into your home or vehicle right away, hopefully they will reduce any stress associated with being stranded and help ensure that the lockout doesn’t turn into an emergency.


We hope that this article provided you with enough information to understand the complexities of residential, commercial & automotive locksmith training. It’s not an easy job, but anyone with knowledge and skill can master it by following our instructions. Whether you decide to pick a lock, make a duplicate key, install a new one, change the combination on a safe or repair a damaged lock, we hope that this guide provided you with the confidence and valuable tips needed to do so.

Furthermore, if you ever find yourself locked out of your house or car, now you know what steps to take in order to get back into your home or ride quickly and safely. Ultimately, taking affirmative action when considering locksmithing is the best way to protect loved ones and property.




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